An interview with Dan Natoli

Our exceptional way of managing business-critical moves — a service you can rely on, no matter what

Dan Natoli, managing director at K2 Bespoke, oversees our service for business-critical and executive assignments. No single assignment is the same and meticulous, precision planning and execution are key to ensuring successful delivery of a streamlined high-quality and distraction-free service.

We asked Dan what it’s like to manage these specialist, often complex and high-stake assignments.

What is unique about K2’s approach to their Bespoke service?

K2 Bespoke is an incredibly important service offer for us and our clients, and one we take great pride in. It is something that we have become well-regarded for in the sector, with many clients seeking us out thanks to our positive reputation for successfully managing this discrete service. We concentrate on providing a high quality, tailor-made, flexible and attentive service that fulfils the specific needs of each individual.

We provide an extra emphasis on personal contact at senior level, with increased engagement between K2 and the relocating employee, their partner and the global mobility team. We also provide a range of additional components to our K2 Classic service, utilising our experience to build confidence, trust and minimise risk, placing a huge emphasis on an enhanced assignee experience.

What do you most enjoy about this kind of work?

Due to the unique talent, responsibility, experience and value of the assignees we deal with, it is fundamental that we ensure we take a well-planned approach where we consider all the eventualities ahead of a relocation. The team and I really enjoy liaising with clients and their assignees and taking on the challenges of specialised, high-risk or complex cases.

We find it incredibly fulfilling when we successfully deliver and maximise service value and impact. What drives us is executing flawlessly when expectations are high. This is when I feel we are at our best as a team and when we get the most reward from the work we do on behalf of our clients.

What’s your vision for K2 Bespoke?

Our vision is to continue to be the relocation provider of choice for organisations that recognise that for certain types of assignments or assignees, something different is required. No matter what size an organisation’s programme is, we feel they will all have a certain number of moves per year that require that extra level of support and could benefit from the K2 Bespoke service.

We also understand that you are only as good as your last relocation and consistency is absolutely critical to maintaining a strong brand and reputation.

What advice would you give to clients about managing exceptional assignments?

It is even more vital to consider all of the elements and put together an effective mobility programme that stands up to rigorous scrutiny of the potential risks and consequences. Drawing on their rich and diverse experience, our advisory and K2 Bespoke teams can help HR or global mobility leads define and implement an effective programme for their organisation.

It is critical that the potential for greater complexity is managed with increased connectivity between key stakeholders (immigration, tax, reward and relocation), as well as an appreciation that flexibility will need to underpin any successful strategy for managing such assignments.

What advice would you give to others considering a career in this type of relocation?

Ideally, you will develop your skills, experience and expertise in global mobility on in-house and in-service provision before working on business-critical or executive moves. It is important to understand the full implications of the whole relocation process so that you are aware of, and able to mitigate, the challenges and possible pitfalls of such important assignments.

Having a particular talent for precise project management and risk assessment is also helpful. Essential attributes are strong people and communication skills. Consistency and dealing positively and effectively with complexity are also key. It’s vital that you are able to quickly build trust and confidence with very senior and influential assignees and their families.

You’ll often need to demonstrate a strong professional understanding of their pressures and expectations and find creative and innovative solutions to their particular relocation needs.