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We understand

This can be a challenging undertaking.

Building a robust yet flexible global mobility framework to support your business can be a challenging undertaking.

Ensuring alignment with your HR and business strategies, whilst juggling the increasing demands of today’s global, complex, fast-paced organisations and talented employees is no small task.

Business critical, every day

Just when you think you’ve got every eventuality covered...

Every move is unique, with its own set of circumstances requiring individual care and attention — there’s that assignment, particular employee or workforce population set that means something different is required, beyond your policy and programme coverage.

For those business-critical assignments or highly-valued employees – business owners, executives, partners, regional or functional leaders, employees with unique and in-demand skills or a complex location or family situation – you’ll need tailored and dedicated support to guarantee success in meeting their specific needs.

That’s when you need us

With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve refined our framework for success: expertise, experience, time and exceptional execution are key and will be essential components of the K2 Bespoke service you and your employee receive.

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Our ethos

We know what works because we listen to you. We put a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and attentiveness to our clients’ needs at K2. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

We listen

We listen to feedback and consistently strive to find enhancements and solutions to the most unique of challenges. And when it comes to K2 Bespoke assignments, clients thank us regularly for going above and beyond.

We put building trust, confidence and minimising risk at the forefront of each project and place a huge emphasis on an enhanced assignee experience.

One size fits all

Each assignment is treated as unique with its own specific criteria and exclusive approach.

Thanks to this, and our wealth of experience of close to 20 years of successful planning and execution, we’ve been able to develop and fine tune the key components to exceptional assignments for your critical assignees.

Our seven service commitments

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