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Our five commitments

Dedicated specialists and highly experienced Relocation Managers as a single point of co-ordination

We provide you with a dedicated Relocation Manager as the single point of co-ordination for each assignment – taking full accountability and ownership for the overall success of the move. We guarantee our most expert and experienced people to manage your assignments with an average of 10+ years direct experience – instilling confidence and creditability from the outset.

We work collaboratively to fully integrate with your resources and understand your business needs — building an in-depth knowledge of your organisation, culture, objectives and a working relationship based on trust and partnership.

Our specialists undertake most of your policy counselling and necessary interactions — overseeing the work of any approved and trusted experts and ensuring that any queries or challenges are handled in an appropriate, transparent manner and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our K2 Bespoke team uniquely and intentionally manage a considerably smaller caseload than a conventional relocation management company — enabling us to focus on the personal touches and the exceptional attention to detail required.

Exceptional project management and tailored attention to detail

Each K2 Bespoke assignment is treated as a unique project that requires precision planning. The more preparation, the more we can minimise the impact on your employees’ busy schedules, freeing up their time to focus on what really matters. We work to ensure that every angle is covered, that nothing is forgotten, or overlooked. We concentrate on devising and executing high-quality, tailor-made plans that fulfil the specific needs of each individual.

We understand that you need to ensure your business-critical or executive employees are able to settle and focus on their new role swiftly and successfully. Maintaining maximum productivity and minimum distraction are always high priority objectives.

To mitigate risk, we work closely with assignees, their families and HR and global mobility teams to prevent issues or deal with them swiftly and efficiently on the rare occasion they occur.

We bring together all the various specialists — immigration, tax, education, housing, and shipping — and ensure that every component is carefully considered, planned for, communicated and executed.

We deliver clear, concise and accurate communication throughout the process — it’s all about the right information at the right time and that contact at every step is meaningful, timely and enables the assignment to move forward seamlessly. We also provide full status, cost and exceptions tracking as well as HR updates so that all key stakeholders can be informed of the smooth transition.

No task is too big, or detail too small — from helping find the right home pre-move, discussing schools, accompanying viewings, sourcing specialist providers such as art appraisers or wine shippers, to conducting pre-delivery visits, co-ordinating household staff and familiarising families with local areas and customs — we take care of every need.

Supportive and knowledgeable in-person management at every step

With K2, it’s always personal. But with K2 Bespoke, we take personal to the next level. We place a huge emphasis on face-to-face contact, with increased engagement between an experienced and dedicated consultant and the relocating employee, their partner and your HR or global mobility team at key critical milestones.

We make sure we are at each critical milestone in person — pre-empting issues, overseeing delivery, driving vendor performance and mitigating potential risks. We also take detailed steps to provide relevant local context and effectively manage multi-stakeholder objectives and expectations from the moment we are initiated.

We ensure personal oversight, on-site presence and face-to-face meetings where appropriate in both origin and destination locations including:

  • Orientation/briefing meetings
  • Home finding
  • Household goods packing
  • Household goods delivery
  • Move-in day

24-hour global coverage with home and host support

We work to a home/host service delivery model whereby our offices work in partnership to deliver our services. Each move will typically be driven from the host location with additional support in the home location to ensure we provide 24-hour global coverage and that the expertise and connectivity is seamless and support team member at the beginning of any on-boarding process, providing complete reassurance of cover. 

Robust global partner vetting, selection, accreditation and management

We put huge importance in managing and developing our network of over 400 experienced and specialist providers within our Global Accredited Partner Programme. Our approved providers span 186 countries and range from shipping, freight and delivery agents, to destination service providers such as home, school search and orientation consultants, and travel, tax, immigration and visa experts. 

We fully vet, accredit and manage each provider to our specific and rigorous service delivery standards, and legal and regulatory compliance procedures. They have all committed to maintaining the full range of ISO compliant accreditations, policies and documentation, as well as delivering on our three global partner aims of service excellence, cost control and risk mitigation.

All of our approved global partners understand the K2 Bespoke service ethos and have at least two years’ experience with us. We guarantee K2 Bespoke level standards by maintaining ultimate accountability for their services. We trust them to work in partnership to deliver to our high standards and expectations, working closely with your dedicated K2 Bespoke consultant to ensure successful delivery.

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